Annual Report 2017-2018


Dear Parishioners,
Enclosed are the annual reports for the Parish for the 2017-2018 fiscal year which include the Statement of Revenues and Expenses, the Balance sheet as of June 30, 2018 and vital parish statistics.  We hope you find them informative and interesting. If you have any questions please call me at the parish office at 607-359-2115, Peter Olausson, Business Manager.


There was a $ 23,350.94 (-7.7%) decrease in regular collections primarily due to the change in the mass schedule for our Parish.   St. Catherine’s collections decreased 4.4%, St. Stanislaus’ collections decreased 12 %, and St. Joseph’s collections decreased 9.3%. All three churches were close to or above budget for the Christmas and Easter collections. There was a drop in donations from all churches for the Parish Building fund. – 43%

The other income sources were over budget, with the exception of fundraising as we did not have an Irish dinner this year.


Salaries & Benefits were favorable to budget by $6,000.

Supplies were unfavorable to budget by $6,600 primarily due to the purchase of the DOR Commemorative books.

Building Maintenance is $3,700 unfavorable to budget primarily due to the unbudgeted expenses of the tree removals at St. Stanislaus and St. Catherine’s.

Purchase of Services is $4,200 unfavorable to budget due to increased maintenance staffing.

Non-Operating Revenue: The parish’s stable patrimony accounts or long term investment accounts had a good yield this year with a market gain of $8,700.

Non-Operating Expenses: This is the Parish payment for the CMA underage which was $6,600.

Summary: The Net Operating Loss for the year was $31,900.

Cemetery account: The income are sales of graves and digging, the expenses are mowing and maintenance.

Pastoral Report 2018

Contribution Summary

Revenues & Expenditures 17-18

Balance 17-18