Weekly contributions and envelopes sustain our parish.  Your donations keep the buildings and grounds of each of our churches functioning.  Your gift of time, talents and treasure are always needed and appreciated.  From helping at a holiday party, serving at a funeral dinner, to shoveling a walk in the winter, or writing cards and letters of support and prayer to fellow parishoners is all part of our faith and responsbility to each other, and make us a community in Christ serving each other daily. 

Weekly envelopes are available to registered members of the parish.  Donations made in your member parish envelope are delivered to our parish, no matter which churches you attend in the diocese of Rochester, NY.  

Planned giving

We occasionally get questions from parishioners who wants to send their mass collection donations directly to the parish office instead of brining an envelope to mass every week. There are several ways to do this:

If you have online banking set up a monthly transfer to the parish and on the “For” line on the check enter the name of the church where you make the contribution. Then call the parish office and tell us that you will start monthly donations.

You can of course just send in a regular check by mail to the office every month if you prefer.

If you do planned giving you can choose to get envelopes as usual in the future or only get the envelopes for the major Holy Days. There are no need to send us the weekly envelopes if you send monthly or quarterly checks.